The Glow 😍

“Deeper,” he said

That’s where I want us headed.

She was blazing hot 😍

And he loved to play with fire🔥

The thought of we
Is like hitting the jackpot,like I won a lottery

I was in the fast lane you stole my heart
that’s highway robbery😋

and if your heart is broken
I’ll mend it like pottery😊

if only you could read my mind like telepathy

you’ll see I think about you all the time, each and every day🙈

Day after day,time pass away

For good is all I say

See,they say that

If you feel it ,

Don’t fight it – Never felt before😍

the perfect place is where we are

and it’s a perfect time for you
to take me down
See, all these honeys,all these guys

Feel and sound too basic now

None of them can text the way you, you do put it down

They say that regrets do come after

But what would you regret when happiness is all you know

Guess what my favorite attire has been since the day one

The smile that you give me, the glow 😊


Heey loves

First of all,I never add this last bit to my posts

But diaryofanoverthinker😊 got me thinking I should.

Especially getting into the TMIs laaawd🙈

So this post is inspired by my mans

It’s basically how he makes me feel.

It is said that it’s easier to pen down what’s in your heart and mind

So that’s it😊

Thanks for having a read❤


Never felt before

@art_foto Instagram for the pictures

Man on my list :)

Like forces 

I act,he reacts

We opposite directions 

But of same magnitude 

Yearning for similar uptitude 

And with a slap of attitude 

Oh man on my list 🙂

Gift of a friend.

​Came across a study that interested me. My best friend and I seem to actually afirm the study . It’s like geo fit puzzle. Some parts are complementary to other parts.

Your “sister from another mister” might actually share your genes. A new study has found that friends are more genetically similar to each other than to strangers.

In a process similar to how the Sorting Hat groups Hogwarts newbies into houses of like-minded wizards, researchers have found that humans tend to form social relationships with people who resemble them.

It’s part of a new field called sociogenomics that studies “social genomes” to understand human health and behavior.

This evolutionary sorting hat presents a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg situation: do we like our friends because they are like us, or are they like us because we like them? 

Ever wonder why you can miraculously fit into your best friend’s shoes? It’s because people are attracted to others with similar shared characteristics like body mass index. Birds of a feather really do flock together – and people form bonds based on physical similarities and backgrounds – thanks to social homophily


Coudn’t have penned this down in a better way. Got no L’s ,or do I ? It’s on a whoe  spritua eve. Darn 😉


sweetest (cavities).

It is in the silence of our hearts,

when you drape your arms around my chest,
a little usual warmth baby, but today it hurts,
probably because we’re past our peak, past our best,
or maybe it’s because I know why this is so,
the guilt reflects unlike the ‘love’ that should,
it reflects, rather rings loud in a manner so damn true,
that when my air is supposed to be your air,
all we do is breathe without the gasps of the days of novelty,
in a sickening rhythm that echoes this silent despair,
how sour it tastes when I remember,
You said, “keep off sweet things, you’ll get cavities!”
Yes, I remember what you meant, you meant,
these sweet things leave the deadliest holes in us,
So before I let your heart run to where it longs to belong,
I want you to know,you were the SWEETEST.