Before you :):)

“_For those that love mind fuckery “


It is funny that you were out there thinking of things that I could have never even imagined,dreaming,loving and wishing over the same stars I wished on when darkness engulfed at sundown. I consistently marveled at what it would feel like to lay with you,to inhale in your serenity and drown in the happiness of our silence. Probably i would get to kiss you and do silly stuff such as count the lines on the palm of your hands,i always wished for that😘

I know what screws people most in life is the idea of how everything is supposed to be.In my head I knew that I had my Mr right somewhere and once we were together, everything would fall in and out of place to suffice our needs. I had this faded idea in my head that I needed to save a king. A king whose subjects were the strings of my heart and my soul. He whose nothingness would fill me up to make me something. The king ❀❀

It is obvious that you were out there having the time of your life with someone else. You made them think that one plus one was one when in real sense the one and one were independent,making two. Well this is never one of anyone’s many orisons,to experience such storms that broke them into more and more pieces. Noooo. I bet we all do crave happiness, and happiness in abundance.

I know fantasies are usually like shadows. They always seem to be dancing things, and playing in our eyes.

 But actually I really waited for the day we would have a dance similar to that of light in the presence of darkness …I always did invite my shadow to dance with me instead,once In a while bc I did not seem to see you😂😂😂😂✌

I often wondered if you did think of me too🙈🙈😆 Reminisced this love we were to have,of lips you were yet to kiss and of eyes that had love that equalled yours afire 🔥Thoughts of whether you missed these things we had not known of. Makes sense,huh? 😛😛

I decided to let myself forget my yearn for you. Trying to forget you was hard though,it seemed like I already did meet you and knew you pretty well.Trying or untrying to forget you not can somewhat be related to tying and then trying to untie a complicated knot. Lang leav knows it is an impossible task.

I decided to take a raincheck on your vibe but still you flickered through my mind 😆😆😛😛 You can imagine being with someone else and you thinking of another. I always asked myself,niccur who are you 😆😆😆🔥🔥who sent you 😆😆😂😂



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