The perfect stranger 

Of meet ups we end up liking,say loving 😀😀

How we talked like me you knew,

Knew about me and my silly thoughts,

Thoughts that probably had you thinking ,
Thinking of how you would probably make me yours,
Yours to stay by you every time,
Time when you are low and when you high,

High in moods that are of course merry but,

But boy I want to be your friend not your lover ,
Lover from stranger,
Stranger to lover no no!
No both places are inescapable…
Inescable how you are you also
Also inescably the way my words are gonna make you wonder,
Wonder if I had thought about this earlier,
Earlier on I did not even know of your existence,
Existence  that am now kind of grateful of,
Of coming to know you,
You welcome to my world. 😊😊



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