She did not know his name

A casual Hi, the send button and a strange ground

Is the playing ground, 

for endless possibilities

if you ain’t proud

to accept an extended hand as a sign of true nobility.
She did accept his greetings,

Warmly enough but as careful as a stranger would, 

to protect her feelings

She played it cool,

He faked being timid 

And said “its cool, embrace those feelings”.
They talked for long, not face to face 

But faced with fate, the strangers met on a social post

The dangers growled but all caution’s lost

to a fan who grew into something more,

and a writer who knew what magic was.
Bound by the need to demystify each other

and the need to feel, seemed rather

like the fuel needed 

to keep their new given

connection before the two leaving 

and the soon bidding departure.
The sun was setting on them

She had to leave, he had to leave 

They were both glad to have made a new friend.

So he’s laying on his bed afterwards 

And remembered he dint even tell her his name.



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