Strangest stranger 


Walks into your life

Life becomes sweet and easy

Easy in a way that things just go your way

Way you would have never imagined

Imagined that someone would impact so much

So much that you had not fathomed

Fathomed that one day you’d have a friend you’d always long for

For whom you can’t stay away a day

A day would probably kill you if they went away

Away from calls and messages

Messages that melt your soul like butter on a hot day

A hot day you think would resort from his call

Call so sweet and engrossing

Engrossing to an extent you ask yourself,”who sent you?”

Who sent you to come and make me glad you came?


Came without much thought or hurry

Hurry to probably become more than friends

Friends who are always there for each other no matter what

What is your greatest wish in a friendship?

Friendship so serene and pure

Purely based on making each other glad

Glad and pleasured 😉

Pleasured and in high moods😊

High moods and yearning

Yearning for super duper stuff

Stuff that would get you addicted

Addicted to this strange stranger

Stranger so strange in his ways

Ways that would get you dancing the whole night away

The whole night away though you’d probably be laying on your bed thinking of how things turned out great talking to a stranger😊😂



  1. This was a happy and fun piece of writing. Strangers may be good, safe and helpful. Just always be careful going where people may not be able to help you if they are dangerous. I am a Mom, Nana and friend who worries. . . Smiles, Robin

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