Title this 😊

Not that ” I haven’t seen you in a while” type of miss

But That “I wish you were here like right now” type of miss,

And there you are,

Our eyes haven’t even crossed yet but I…

can’t seem to stop these involuntary smiles,

can’t stop the thought of wanting you to sweep me off my feet,

tempted by the vigour of my beating heart,

tempted to sniff you as my face brushes against your skin,

tempted I had been,in your absence to feel your skin and now,

tempted I am  to hold you, a little longer, 

press  against your chest, in a way that’s firmer,

let you suffer this cute aggression, our version of the infamous “choke me daddy”

They say that if two people have chemistry,all they need is timing

You’ve been waiting,

I’ve been waiting,

We’ve been waiting,

And all I want in this moment is to dive; mind,  body, soul into the fullness of your embrace!

Series of “where’s-my-boo-am-so-lonely-right-now” eventually are offloaded

A typa feeling similar to the recess a gun attains after a shot is fired,pew pew!

Of thoughts and reminisce colored beautifully,

Of love that never dies even when we away from each other,

Of hearts that become fonder in absence,

Of tosses our hearts make in happiness of seing each other again after a long time,

Of seeing your whole self in someone else,I

Of that person that completes you,I 

Of the main character in my midnight thoughts,you

4am thoughts,you

Oh! How I wonder if you feel it each time am thinking of you!

Oh! How terrible I felt that I had you in my head,you reside there

But could not have you in my arms since you weren’t there

But Alas! Now that you are here with me,darling it feels like home
Because you know what?

Home is where anyone feels love.

We home again 😊😘


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