Alright 😍


Oh May

How You made her so happy and craay💃

That finally though for the first time she met

With her stranger in his ways  strangest

How for days and days over 😢

Weeks and weeks over 😢

He made her feel so glad by he came

Her thoughts and emotions he  made tame

This had been happening for so long🎶

Meaning nothing could stop them from growing strong🎶

Other guys to her became lame

Conversed they did without shame

Oh May

What would you call this you brought her way? ☺☺

Of friendships you never seem to understand 😩

Of people hurting you can’t stand 😥

Of happiness you never knew😍😊

Of mishaps and embarrassments that lost grew 😍

Probably every conversation silent or loud felt  like a FML show😂😂

Would never be a ‘catch me ousside how bout dah’ though

People you always want to be around

Him whose thoughts always have you astounded

Oh May

How he wanted to make that face smile🎶

And she too, make his face smile🎶

Because he felt it was alright 😊

He made it alright 😊



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