endless whys πŸ˜‚

I would like to know your understanding of this particular article. Feel free to comment. 😊😊

“Why? Why?Why?” She kept asking herself.
“Why? Why? Why?” Became the rhythm her heart beat in. 

The endlessness of the ‘whys’ made it so recurrent.

That she just seemed to revolve around asking herself why this had to be this way and that that way. 

Trying to juggle between tying the goat next to the pen and making the rope actually longer such that the goat is further from it’s pen.

Juggling between taking the cow to the river and it drinking water by itself and taking it to the river sometimes and making it drink from the river.

She  is in a juggle between letting someone’s sheep browse in her compound or taking hers to someone else’s. 

This juggle, juggling habit, led her to a jungle ,A jungle of thoughts whose forest was so thick and so was darkness therein.

The jungle’s animals were WILD and so were often in stuff that seemed like a revolution 

They seemed to be having a jangle about this girl in a web of confusion.

This whole hullabaloo  made the animals jangle.

This jangle in the jungle took her out of her element

Is she falling apart?

Far from it 😊


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