Let’s knot it

(Free on the freeway)
– “What did you say?”
No play. No give way.
We can night the day.

Let it be! No more 3.
So should you & me.
“We will have to see”
Up! “On 1 knee” Be!

New age. First page.
Full wage. Big stage.
Some call it (a cage)
Or, a jigsaw engage.

Those (O’s) are bright
Their does, their might
Darkness; needs light!
Are we wrong or right?

Waving away the tide.
Leaving the big pride.
The road is cold/wide.
But, we’ve the provide.

It is the biggest invest.
This is: The Great Fest.
Also the test in ‘Guest’
We just want the best.




via — Ricardo Sexton




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