Caught in the ‘ship’

Merhaba sevgilier,

yeni insanlarla tanışmaktan zevk duymak 🙂


via The Late Night Courtship.


Someone once said conversations are best at wee hours of the night, that the heavier the eyelids, the sincere the words. Well, everyone has a 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. personality. I’m more interested in the monster you become at 2 a.m rather than the human being you pretend to be at 2 p.m. It’s funny how during late night conversations one does not even mind losing sleep. Later you will learn that you learn more about people during those late chats.
It’s 5 p.m. and Lucy together with her two friends walk into West Gate Mall to grab some coffee as it were their custom. Everyday after work they would come here to catch up after a long day.  Immediately after taking their seats, they would make an order; her, Cappuccino and her friends iced Black Coffee. They always preferred the table close to the counter since from here they could have their orders worked on with much ease and also, they could easily have a good look at whoever was walking in or out. They had always a lot to talk about and at no time did they ever run out of ‘agendas.’ They knew exactly how to draw the attention of everyone else; their loud laughs and small giggles made everyone throwing glances at them.

Then they noticed it was 45 minutes past 5 p.m. yet they had not gotten the order they had placed.

“Waiter! Where is our order!” They shouted almost in unison.

“Be easy ladies, your order will take quite sometime.” the lady at the counter said trying to calm them down.

Soon they were throwing words and cursing why they maintained frequenting the place yet they hardly got any good customer services.

“How long does it take to prepare Cappuccino?! “ Lucy who seemed as though their leader shouted at her top most voice. This time everyone else’s attention was fully on their table.  Now they were standing and threatening to leave the restaurant if they do not get attended to immediately.

“Lady… What is the matter?” Some voice from behind her said as a hand pat on her shoulder. She was so much pissed off that she turned quickly and said, “Can’t you see for yourself!”

That’s when she noticed a man figure. He had the kind of face that stopped anyone in her tracks. He had brown skin, dark eyes that made Lucy weak at her knees. He was a fair few inches taller than her, which she immediately fell for. He was also slim and muscular.

“Oh… sorry, aaaaah… my friends and I had placed an order almost an hour now yet…” Lucy started to narrate but the guy cut her short.

“No need to explain, I’m the manager here. Let me work on that,” he said as he handed her his business card, “Call me in case you need anything.”

Wow, the ladies were now more relaxed as though nothing had really happened. They took their seats and continued in their small talks. Everyone was still glued at them.

That evening when Lucy got home, she felt different. She had a mixed up feeling of happiness and excitement. She was so glad to have met him. Jimmy was his name. He said he preferred being called that to James. “Should I call him?” she wondered. Well, she never needed anything at that time yet she just chose to call him anyway. They talked on the phone for hours before they resorted to text messages. She was not feeling any sleepy and neither was Jimmy. They texted for hours and hours. They bonded so well and happened to like the same genre of music and even drink. He too loved Cappuccino.

The chat was getting so intense, Jimmy mentioned she liked Lucy’s aggressiveness and muttered, “you’re the type of a lady I would like to marry.” Lucy was blushing then she asked,  “aren’t you married?” She knew the response she wanted to hear, and it came just as she wanted.

“No… I am not… “He replied.

Time clicked fast and now it was a quarter to 2 a.m. Still they continued to chat.

“Lucy, can we be more than friends? I do not want to waste any more time.”

“But Jimmy…you hardly know me.”

“Just give me a chance, I promise to do you right.”

Lucy felt she was so much in love tonight  than she has ever been. She wanted to say yes. She wanted to give him a chance. He was nice. His words were so honest. She liked him the moment she set her eyes on him.

“Can we talk about this tomorrow pliz?” Lucy pleaded with him.

“Sure, see you tomorrow. I love you.” Jimmy texted.



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