Hello been meaning to ask you something. How do you think I should tell Sue I love her? Jake muttered to Celine.

All through knowing Sue she had talked of crazy stuff she always wanted like being held hostage for four hours on a flight to her honeymoon.  Schhhucks.

Over a cotton candy date ,eating through the candy together ,Celine thought out loud. She was her best friend and so she knew basically everything she would and wouldn’t like. Well that was it and done for Jake.

He was just waiting for that moment to pull through with his Whatnots.But have you ever noticed that when you are eagerly waiting up for something or a moment it seldom seems to be pulling through? He was waiting ,he sorely anticipated the day he’d finally tell her how he felt about her. Though they’d had stolen moments,hand touching moments…Oh Laaawd this sounds like me. Sips.

The trio worked at a departmental store where Jake had a candy store and the latter had a beauty parlor. That means that they saw each other everyday  making Jake grow so weary. It was burning him up,choking him up but since he had already been given a picture of a perfect moment for his tatlaí he didn’t want to shit it.

Excuse me,I’m giving you five minutes to tell everyone in the parlor to empty their bags in this plastic bag or else I’ll use what I have In my pockets to take the breath outa  y’all!A man threatened as he stretched out a blunt object that looked like a Beretta through his leather trench coat. Celine was so shakened.

She had no option like Stephen Marley would say ‘ I got,I got, I got options …’ She just had to break the news slowly to everyone as she had been dictated to by the robber. She began with the cashier then proceeded to Sue. Sue got really astounded that she took a pee and she couldnt stop or hold it back.

Then guess what,lol,La Bamba!

Jake stomped in.

There wasn’t a commotion when this whole stuff had been going on and so he’d barely have known what was on.

The man had got impatient or probably had he ‘blue balls’? Relatable huh?Feeling really good about all the money and valuables that had been emptied into his plastic bag but couldn’t have them yet. He had approached the Sue and Celine pee-pee drama.

Jake sauntering through an open lounge stopping behind the robber. What charity are we on and wasn’t told?he asked freely gazing at the plastic bag Celine was holding.

We being robbed by this man,Celine answered. The man repeated the same words he had told Celine at first with his back still facing Jake…. Jake took out a steel gun and pointed at him, you at the wrong place bitch! The niccur sped off. He didn’t even have a Beretta in his pocket lol.

Is it the moment yet to tell Sue?He didn’t the her,she was so embarrassed she strut through passed the lounge,home she went. Everywhere she passed she saw signs,like road signs,but hers just read pee,pee,pee.

One day,the whole store had an anniversary and the individual shop owners and entire management wined and dined. And there were tadaaaang….cotton candies. When Jake’s eyes fell on them, the love he had for Sue kindled the more. He felt like relieving himself off the weight his heart had been feeling.

And there she was yapping with her bestfriend . Some of her high school friends were invited guests whom were also managers of other chain stores and so on. She felt belittled considering she topped each of her grades. She being quite egocentric, didn’t want to feel that way. She took to hide .

Meanwhile Jake had already grabbed a cotton candy feeling too confident that it was the moment only to realise he couldn’t set his eyes on her beautiful round eyes.

To be continued…





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