…What screws us up most is the picture of how it’s supposed to be. I believe bae and boo don’t have to wait for February 14th for instance to go all lovey dovey on each other. When there’s any random day like December the eighteenth ,March the seventh,July fourth name it loves.

“Bitch,where have you been? What’s wrong with you? Celine shouted on top of her lungs. Jake’s been meaning to tell you he loves and now you just screw up and he was out there,she added. Sue couldn’t help it because she had been feeling the same too. It’s like a lady who’s been seeing someone for like a decade and the guy ain’t proposing yet,feel the lady? She probably gotta start giving him signals like which biscuits would you like, ‘marry?’ Better still ,I’m proposing we take rings the snack. Getting all weird in here?

Knock,knock went Sue’s hands on Jake’s Candy store door. To no response. She swang the door open as she tried to locate Jake. He was using the washroom. Sue couldn’t stop anywhere till she found him. Bugging into one closed door he found him,sitted on the toilet seatt and using his kindle. Come on he wasn’t just sitted  on a washroom seat. Winks.

As she tried to get in ….her dress’ lace got hooked on the door handle. She was so blonde,she couldn’t move backwards to unhook the lace. Or maybe it’s coz she had let her heart lead her on. Remember Jake couldn’t get up to help her out.

“I love you Sue,I can’t wait for the so called perfect time to tell you this,”Jake went all matter-of-factly.

“Oh my God Jake, I love you right back,”Sue naturally responded. They both stretched over and locked their lips. Could it get any better?

Would you want to hear more of Jake and Sue?

Goodmorning loves 🙂


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