Coudn’t have penned this down in a better way. Got no L’s ,or do I ? It’s on a whoe  spritua eve. Darn 😉


sweetest (cavities).

It is in the silence of our hearts,

when you drape your arms around my chest,
a little usual warmth baby, but today it hurts,
probably because we’re past our peak, past our best,
or maybe it’s because I know why this is so,
the guilt reflects unlike the ‘love’ that should,
it reflects, rather rings loud in a manner so damn true,
that when my air is supposed to be your air,
all we do is breathe without the gasps of the days of novelty,
in a sickening rhythm that echoes this silent despair,
how sour it tastes when I remember,
You said, “keep off sweet things, you’ll get cavities!”
Yes, I remember what you meant, you meant,
these sweet things leave the deadliest holes in us,
So before I let your heart run to where it longs to belong,
I want you to know,you were the SWEETEST.




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