The Glow 😍

“Deeper,” he said

That’s where I want us headed.

She was blazing hot 😍

And he loved to play with fire🔥

The thought of we
Is like hitting the jackpot,like I won a lottery

I was in the fast lane you stole my heart
that’s highway robbery😋

and if your heart is broken
I’ll mend it like pottery😊

if only you could read my mind like telepathy

you’ll see I think about you all the time, each and every day🙈

Day after day,time pass away

For good is all I say

See,they say that

If you feel it ,

Don’t fight it – Never felt before😍

the perfect place is where we are

and it’s a perfect time for you
to take me down
See, all these honeys,all these guys

Feel and sound too basic now

None of them can text the way you, you do put it down

They say that regrets do come after

But what would you regret when happiness is all you know

Guess what my favorite attire has been since the day one

The smile that you give me, the glow 😊


Heey loves

First of all,I never add this last bit to my posts

But diaryofanoverthinker😊 got me thinking I should.

Especially getting into the TMIs laaawd🙈

So this post is inspired by my mans

It’s basically how he makes me feel.

It is said that it’s easier to pen down what’s in your heart and mind

So that’s it😊

Thanks for having a read❤


Never felt before

@art_foto Instagram for the pictures

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